Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy 2011 !

Something different style....pls be guided accordingly

Copy this onto notepad, press cntrl + H, press 6 in find box and underscore(_ ) in replace box and click replace all button. 


6666666666666666666 6666666666666666 6666666666666666 6666666666666666 6666666666666666 6666666666666666 666666666666
6669966666996699666 9999999669966666 9966666669966666 6996699999999669 9666699666666666 6666696666666666 666666666666
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6669999699996699666 6666699669966666 9966666666666996 6666699666699669 9666699666666666 9999999999966666 666666666666
6669996669996699666 9999999669966666 9966666666666996 6666699999999669 9666699666666669 9666666666996666 666666666666
6669966666996699666 9999999669966666 99666 6666666699666666999 9999966999999996 6666669966666666 6669966666666666 6666
6666666666666666666 6666666666666666 6666666666666666 6666666666666666 6666666666666666 6666666666666666 666666666666
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6699666669966666666 6966666666699999 9996699999999669 9666666996666666 6996666699669999 9999669966666996 666666666666
6699666669966666666 9996666666699999 9996699999999666 9966669966666666 6999666699669999 9999669966666996 666666666666
6699666669966666669 9699666666699666 6996699666699666 6996699666666666 6999966699669966 6666669966666996 666666666666
6699999999966666699 6669966666699999 9996699999999666 6699996666666666 6996996699669999 9999669966966996 666666666666
6699999999966666999 9999996666699999 9996699999999666 6669966666666666 6996699699669999 9999 6699699969966666666 66666
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6699666669966699666 6666669966699666 6666699666666666 6669966666666666 6996666999669999 9999669996669996 666666666666
6699666669966996666 6666666996699666 6666699666666666 6669966666666666 6996666699669999 9999669966666996 666666666666
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6666666666666666666 6666666666666666 6666666666666666 6666666666666666 6666666666666666 6666666666666666 66666
 6666666666666666666 6666666666666666 6TechFountains6 6666666666666666 6666666666666666 6666666666666666 66666666666

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Techi Techi

This is a fun Tech site!
but Techi is full of articles, information, application reviews.

I'm guessing you'll love it :)

Cool Tech Ideas

I just stumbled upon this website when I was creating back links for my blog "Have a Break!"
the title, and the domain name, are both cool! it's "Idea Shower"
I clicked around discovering it, and I ran into this cool piece about creating multiple passwords for multiple websites (a problem that I faced), this you got to read to get a sample from inside the "Shower":

So check it out, you will love it, all the three parts of it, the "ideas", the "Solutions", and the "Blog".

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Web Monkey

As I promised, more resources for web development!

Check out

I must say, the first thing you'll like, are the cool articles you'll find on the home page.
The site is full of practical resources.

Pay it a visit and enjoy :)

Web Development is the Future

The future and the present!
Many of you will agree that web development is becoming more powerful than application development.
Check out

The domain says it all, it includes how to guides, case studies, trouble shooting, you name it!

Enjoy it, and I promise I'll add some more web development resources, it's so cool!

Monday, May 3, 2010

A soft introduction to C sharp

I'm not going to speak much about this site,  is  simply a beginners introduction to C# ( C sharp programming language).

Best suited for beginners in particular.

It's simple and straight forward, and again, more language-specific resources :)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lets Go VB camping!

I'm still insisting on compensating for not writing much about Visual Basic resources, one of the most, if not the most popular programming language. is one of the most popular resources for Visual Basic, it includes tutorials, sample codes, and even a contest for coders.

It has a special corner for Visual Basic game programming, with media files, sample games code, looks so sweet.

The best part about is that it is not oriented for a specific level of programmers, it ranges from beginner to novice programmer resources.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Visual Basic Tutorials

I noticed that I have not posted any web resources for Visual Basic!

Makes me look bad as a blogger for technical resources :)

VBtutor is a good place to start.

Weather you're looking for tutorials for VBA (Visual Basic for Applications, very popular for Microsoft Office), VB6 (old but effective), ( a famous member of the dot net family).

The tutorials are divided into short chapters, which can be digested easily.

You can also find the tutorials in different formats such as flash or HTML.

So pay this site a visit, I'm sure you'll like it.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Dot NET Code Magazine

Sorry for not posting for some time, but I'm still digging for resources for us all over the web :)

This is the website for Code magazine, a magazine for Dot net coders.

it is not just for the magazine's online content, but it is also full of useful articles, and looks like a good resource for .NET developers.

Explore it and enjoy.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Electrical Engineering Blog

Electrical engineering started as a branch from the Physics science, in the MIT they started teaching electrical engineering in Physics College.

Nowadays, it is amazing how Electrical engineering evolved into a multi-discipline science itself.

The internet, as to many sciences, is a number one resource for electrical engineering.

Check out :

They call it "Electrical engineering Blog".

It doesn't cover all electrical engineering, yet I can see it focuses primarily on power and energy plus electrical distribution.

Still, it is a useful resource for electrical engineers.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Windows tips for every body

This is what I call a light useful resource.  is all about windows, majorly for normal (non-advanced) users.

Full of useful tips for Windows, office (that includes Excel, Word,...etc.), and other popular Windows software such as FireFox browser.

It's kind of neat, enjoy it :)

Friday, March 26, 2010

It's the Ninja Tutorials!

Remember the Ninja Turtles? sure you do :)
Remember how they were all winners, and how they were always on the go, and always ready, yet they were so cool!

this is what I thought when I ran into this web site Tutorial Ninjas

They have a ton of cool tutorials to do cool stuff with your gadgets, website, and anything else.

their website contains a number of forums, and what more? A place where you can post your own technical questions, and the Ninjas will come on the rescue to answer it for you!

Check out this example tutorial from their website:

Sunday, March 21, 2010

From a TV addict

What am I saying? most of us are TV addicts!
There is at least on TV show for each person on earth.
As all electronics do, TV evolved, and new technologies emerged just to add more entertainment to your living room.

Years ago, what is so called HDTV (High Definition TeleVision) slim, and elegant devices that are light weight, have amazing images, and kind of multi-use (I use mine as  a monitor for my mini Mac), and you can mount it almost everywhere (on top of your bed if you want!).

It is some times interesting to know how these elegant babies work, and to read tips and tricks, and sometimes guides if you're shopping for a new HDTV (weather it's plasma or LCD).

This a web site from Canada that contains such information:

It has brief articles, with a forum, with easy jargon-free language, easy even for non-technical users.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Think MAC !

Too many Mac resources for you?
Well, I guess the more the merrier! (how lame was that? may be not).

think mac is another amazing mac and other Apple products resource.

The landing (home) page is their blog where you can mostly find Apple products news, a link to their pod casts, subscription link to RSS ...etc.

One remarkable page on this site is the "Holiday Picks " , it's like an online store containing Apple related products that can be presented as gifts.

You can also check tutorials, tips and tricks, products reviews, and if you ever miss a thing, you may find it in the archives.

Click around and enjoy!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Apple every where!

What can I say? actually I said it before in previous posts, ever since I started using apple babies, I just can't stop loving them!

now of course we can find a wealth of information on

But getting tips, tricks, and how to's from unofficial sites and blogs can give us tons of additional information and fun things to do (that goes for everything else, not just the Apple babes).

Check out the Apple Blog lots of information, tips, articles, looks fun really.

Check it out, join their Facebook page, just enjoy it :-)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

From the Lab to the Living Room

yup that's right!

Hardware Register is the kind of site that you will like if you were a tech savvy, or if you're addicted to gadgets and new technical trends.

It provides reviews, news flashes, a place where you can do your tech shopping, the "Hands On" corner, which is amazingly informative, and of course, the downloads section, lots of freeware, shareware, drivers, and lots more.

interesting site, another " " cyber success :-)

check it out here :

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Are you a Fish ?

"You know technology is like a huge ocean with no limits, sometimes you feel like a fish, that no matter how lost you are, you still can't live outside the ocean".

Husam Sarris

I'm not trying to make history here :)

The website that inspired the quote above is

it is a well organized web site dealing with technical news, though some times they provide tips and tricks, and programming guides.

The name implies that it is some how, software focused. Yet there are also gadgets news, company news...etc.

Check it out, it is simple and has attractive headlines.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Another Mac FANATIC !

Macs are so cool, once you start using them I guarantee you will become an addict!

And there is a good chance that you'll become a fanatic!

Meet Matt Brewer, he is running a blog called Mac Fanatic. His blog is not exactly a Technical Resource, but it is a cool source of information,and  news from the Apple and Mac world.

So check it out, book mark it, if you're a Mac lover ;-)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

More iPhone, iPod, iPad ...ect.

Not long before I reviewed a site about Apple portable babies (you can check it out here ).

Today, I'm reviewing a similar site:

I highly recommend it for beginners, you can find a wealth of how-to's.

For the rest of the users, you should check out the Tips and tricks, articles, and application reviews.

Much more is available on this site. Check it out.

Friday, March 5, 2010

The .net Developer City


One of the best resources for Microsoft .net developers and newbies.

Lots of forums, tons of articles, and a special corner for newbies.

If you are interested in Microsoft .net, no matter what level you're in, or what platform you're using, you'll make use of

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Squidoo !

Check out our Squidoo page here:

Still needs some work though, so book mark it (Press Ctrl+D after you open the page), and follow us up!

Those Deitel Guys !

I must tell you, when I'm shopping for IT books (or looking for them in a library), I'm always intrigued by the "Deitel & Deitel" Books.

When I ran into their website I found that there is more.

If you log into you will find some reviews of their books, but if you click on the "Resource Centers" tab you will find a large number of IT topics.

Pressing on one topic (say iPhone App Development) you will get a wealth of links to external web sites, and articles full of tips and resources for the subject you chose.

Click on the "Tutorials" Tab, and just dive into a see of articles full of tips, guides, for many programming languages and platforms.

I'm sure you'll love the Deitel Guys the way I do ;-)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mod My Everything

Don't you just love those Apple goodies.
Personally, I was so excited about my iPhone when I got it on my birthday.
I was more excited about my Mini MAC, which is awesome!

ModMyI is dedicated for the Apple portables (iPhone, iPod, and soon the iPAD).

you can learn new stuff at the Guides pages, or check out new reviews, check out what's new to download, or check what people are talking about at the forums.

ModMyI has links for a family of similar web sites: ModMyMoto for Motorola lovers, and ModMyGphone, for phones running Google's Android.

Click around and enjoy.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hear From A GURU

I mean that's what Gurus are supposed to do, right?

Especially in the IT business, sharing the experience of a guru is sometimes crucial.

Check out it contains a group of articles, tip, tricks, and much more from Gurus in the Software industry.

And who knows, you'll become a Guru, and start submitting articles for CodeGuru yourself :)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Python Python Python

Sure I'm not talking about the Mega snake from the Greek Mythology :)

You all technical people know that I'm talking about a famous programming language.

I had a rather short experience with Python, I had to embed it in a LabVIEW program (I see that a lot actually, Python gets embedded in other programming languages). is a site made by a Python programmer from the UK. It contains a blog, some Python projects and Libraries, and lots of Python resources.

It is a rather simple site though, oriented to those interested in Python.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Scriptomania !

This not a word from some commercial break, this what popped up in mind after navigating through

A simple, yet resourceful website, dedicated for those interested in building websites or blogs.

I kind of got the impression that it is oriented for the beginners more than it is for the professionals.

I liked the topics in the "How To" Section,
"How to locate someone through his mobile" or "How to find the country of a certain IP address".
Cute stuff indeed.
Hope you like it.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

If you're an Engineer, and You're Crazy.....Read on!

I just adored the domain of this web site 

Crazy Engineers is a common platform for all engineers (including those working in the IT sector), to meet and exchange ideas, chat, and be inspired by stories of other leading engineers around the globe.

I was so happy when I spotted an interview in the "Small Talk" corner with "Stephen Wolfram" (the inventor of Mathematica and the author of "a new kind of science"). i'm a big fan of the man!

I guess you find some useful ideas for you on this site I'm sure.

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Game Creators

At a first glance  looks like an online store for Game Development tools and products.

 Actually it is, but moreover, it is full of cool tips, forums, news letters...etc. a full community for game developers.

They also have a range of tools that even beginners can use to start building games, some don't even require programming skills.

the best place to start on this website is to start by watching the "About The Game Creators" video on the landing page.

I forget to tell you, this website allows you to list your games (that you developed) on their online store. Another cool thing that you can make use of on this site.

Watching the video kind of motivated me to start building games.
After all, it's fun, and it's a multi-billion dollar industry.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Software Creation Mystery

Attractive Words ha?

Who wouldn't be intrigued by mysteries? everyone likes his own kind of mysteries, if you ask me.

But relax, this is not some kind of a "Super Sleuth" website. is not a technical resource exactly, but it's a resource that technical people, software developers in particular, need.

It starts by illustrating basic concepts of computer programming, and then it dives into subjects like how should a programmer communicate with other people (fits for team leaders, learn how to convey ideas to your team).

It's an interesting blog, it contains interesting ideas.

I think I'm gonna go deeper and read some more in it :)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

More About Instrumentation

OK, don't judge me :)

It seems that as an instrumentation engineer, I have a thing for automation and measurement web sites.

I ran into through its creator's profile on facebook.
it seems that he's an  instrumentation engineer located in India. He calls himself simply "Instrumentation Engineer".

For beginners, you can enjoy the wealth of tutorials this website provides.
And there is a bunch of pdf's that are free to download in both the Downloads, and the Tutorials section.

It also has a corner for job openings in the instrumentation field, a ranking for the top instrumentation companies, a ticker for the industry's news, and a link to a blog managed by the site's creator.

I'd say it is a simple and useful site. I hope you'll like it.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Is Google The New Microsoft ?

That's not what I'm writing about, this is a header that I bumped into when I landed on the homepage of

It is similar to some of the tech news web sites that I reviewed.
It is full of tech news, yet it also contains white papers, a sweet test center, web casts, blogs, and a "Deep Dives" tab that discusses subjects such as "Cloud computing" in a deep dive manner.


Check it out.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Develop, Discover, and Design

An attractive motto indeed.

When I first landed at I thought it was all about Microsoft's .net technologies (seeing that ".net" logo on the top of their home page).
But as I navigated through, it turned out to be a website for a hard copy sold magazine and a wonderful resource for web design and development.

The home page will show you the latest additions to the website, but if you click on the "Develop" tab, you'll see a group of articles showing you how things are made, and I'm not talking about beginners tutorials.

The articles are categorized according to the subject.
for example, if the article is about iPhone applications, you'll see a "/Mobile/" tag at the article's header.

The "Discover" tab, is more about telling you about what is around.
What would the new apple iPad will mean to you as a web designer?
You will see the articles tagged as in the "Design" section that contains tutorials, and different other articles.

If you are a web designer or developer, I'm sure you'll enjoy

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Go To The Control and Automation World! is the English version of a similar Chinese website.

Specialized in the Instrumentation and process automation world.

Full of news and highlights.

It also contains a wealth of white papers, and what I personally think is important to instrumentation engineers, an "Applications" sections, where you can check out various solutions from the real world.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Game Dev

I'm not experienced in game programming.

But I must say it is an interesting subject, and it has been ever since I played my first video game in the eighties. is one of the sites that are dedicated for game programming.
it addresses a wide range of developers including beginners.

It has a link for gaming jobs, books, and many other useful resources.

So if you were considering game programming as a career, or as a hobby, you should keep in your favorites.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Join the Computer World

This site is more like a news and buzz resource.

Computer World  has also a wealth of white papers, and links to computer related blogs.

It also has a corner to IT jobs ads, reviews, articles, and much more.

You can join their news letter or follow them up on twitter, or perhaps keep on visiting them to find out what's new :)


Sunday, January 31, 2010

Computer Tips From a Computer Guy

This is the title our blogger chose for his blog Online Tech Tips

What I like about this blog is the amount of "How To's" it's covering, and for a wide range of readers from beginners to advanced tech professionals (even though it seems as it is serving beginners mostly).

So log on to
Check it out, you might find something you like.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Automation, Instrumentation....anyone?

Let's face it; there is a lack of informative sites that talk about instrumentation.

As an instrumentation engineer, I used to spend a lot of time searching on the web for such web sites.
I was lucky to find some websites, or to explore websites referred by friends.
else, I shall have to go to instruments companies websites, where they try to lead you to use their products. is one of these informative sites that I was lucky to find.

Actually, it's kind of a comprehensive instrumentation site.

They have everything from  a web store for instrumentation products.
an index of suppliers, and products where you can search both.
 Tons of articles, tutorials, and best of all "Instrumentation stories" where you can check solutions made in different places.

And above all, a "Resources" link.

I'd say it's a relatively rich resource.

Check it out and enjoy.

Book of the Day

I will try to stick to the subject of the post when I pick the book of the day.
This is a book that will teach you the basics of instrumentation, and will add more of course.

Enjoy it :


Saturday, January 23, 2010

All About Symbian.

I don't know about you people, but these days I'm into mobile computing, and big time!

Smart phones are being spread between people like fire in a hay barn! is more like a news site for the Symbian operating system (A very famous operating system for mobile phones running on mobile devices from different manufacturers such as Nokia, Sony Ericsson, and others).

It also has links for developement websites, you can access them by clicking "Developer" link on the menubar.

It also contains useful forums with various subjects. A section for reviews, and other useful links.

You have to give it a visit :)

Book Of The Day:
I picked up this book, since our subject today is about Symbian.
It's called "Porting to Symbian" For those who would like to port their applications from other operating systems to Symbian.
you can download it from the following link (No viruses guaranteed):

A Brighter Future for the Web!

Wanna know what this is all about? Well it's about the new Firefox OS (operating system) for mobiles! Mozilla is introducing it thi...