Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Happy Birthday Mozilla!

Another memory to celebrate today is the Birth of Mozilla!

Chances are you are already using one of their products at least.
If you not, you might have at least once.

I am a proud user of the FireFox browser.

To celebrate their birthday, Mozilla published 15 facts about themselves (since this is their 15th Birthday you know)

Click here to read the 15 facts about Mozilla. 

Happy 40th Birthday Cell Phones!

Can you believe that?
The first cell phone call was actually made 40 years ago (April 3rd 1973).

When were you introduced to cell phones?
I remember I bought my first cell phone on April 2001,
That's 12 years ago. I remember it was a dark blue Siemens A35 model (Siemens Cell phones division is closed now).

Ever since then I could not live without  a cell phone, in fact, there was a time when I carried a bunch of them around!

I remember how expensive cell phones, and SIM cards were at the beginning of their introduction.
Look how cheap, and spread they are.

Such technologies sometimes makes you ask, how did we live before Cell phones and the internet??

If you would like to read more about the anniversary, check out Mashable's article here.

Let's hear your thoughts.

The man in the picture is Mary Cooper, the Motorolla employee who made the first Cell phone call back then.
(I got this pic from Mashable).

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