Wednesday, November 30, 2011


We were so lucky to be mentioned by Lisha Yost, one of the greatest bloggers that I've ever known.

I'm not gonna say any more.

Check what she said about us:

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Clever Logos

Hello everybody!

Just wanted to share this link to an article talking about 50 logo designs that are considered "Clever".

I liked the idea behind each one of them, and actually it is quite inspiring for those working as logo designers.

Check it out here:

Hope you love it, and share it!

Friday, November 25, 2011

HTML Goodies

This is probably one of the oldest sites on the web that is still live online.
HTML Goodies started on 1992 (I remember I first logged in online in 1997!)

At that time, the internet was just in its beginning, and HTML Goodies wanted to teach people HTML and how to build websites.

Despite the simplicity of the web site and its subject, HTML Goodies has evolved to include subjects beyond HTML.

It now includes subjects such as CSS, ASP, JavaScript, you name it!
Any thing that is connected to web building, and it is mostly targeted towards beginners.

So pay it a visit ( ), and start with the "getting started" link on the left block of the web site. (this is where the index of the tutorials is).

Or you can go to the "New to HTML Goodies" button on the top.
Hope it will benefit you.

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The Site Wizard

Remember one the first sites that I reviewed was W3SCHOOLS.COM (check out the following post: )
I called it web building for beginners.

W3SCHOOLS is still is a very good place to start learning how to build websites.
Yet, you might just need more than that.
To explain what I mean check out:

Here, not only do you start learning how to build a website, you also learn how to choose a domain, register it, find a host, publish your website on a host, and even how to make revenue from your website.

I came across The Site Wizard when I was searching for a tutorial for Dreamweaver (a powerful web design software from Adobe).

They are flooded with tutorials, and as they say, these articles and tutorials that they have are intended  for "people just starting out as webmasters".

So I guess this site is a step up from W3SCHOOLS.
Check it out, and don't get fooled by their old style interface and lack of animation or graphics.
After all, as someone seeking knowledge, it is the content that matters :-)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Infinite USB memory

Sounds like a dream?

Let's say that you are a Torrent maniac, you just can't stop downloading all these movies, songs, TV shows etc.
You end up with Giga, if not Tera, bytes of data that you just don't know where to store!

You might try burning DVD's, but then you shall have to buy special furniture to keep stored and unscratched.
You might buy multiple external hard drives, and fill them up one by one.

Sounds crazy? or may be it sounds like a bad dream?

Actually, this is a reality that I witness with many of my friends.
So what to do?

one of my favorite TV shows introduced an interesting gadget, the "infinite USB memory".

Looks much like a USB flash memory stick, but actually doesn't have any memory on it.
It has a full computer hardware (it has its own CPU, RAM, WiFi..etc.).

What you do with it is first pair it with your laptop (a one time set up procedure), then plug it into your DVD player, TV, or just any device that has a USB port.

The infinite USB memory then uses every storage device that can be accessed from your lap top as its storage capacity (this includes your laptop's hard drive, external hard disks, or any other computer or server that can be accessed by your computer).

You can of course control the capacity, and the files that want to share with this memory.

To learn more, you can check infinitech (the company who invented this product) website:

or jump to the "how it works" section:

or check out this video where infinitech's CEO explains a lot about this product (the hosts starts by speaking a little arabic, but then they have the interview done in english):

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