Saturday, May 22, 2010

Techi Techi

This is a fun Tech site!
but Techi is full of articles, information, application reviews.

I'm guessing you'll love it :)

Cool Tech Ideas

I just stumbled upon this website when I was creating back links for my blog "Have a Break!"
the title, and the domain name, are both cool! it's "Idea Shower"
I clicked around discovering it, and I ran into this cool piece about creating multiple passwords for multiple websites (a problem that I faced), this you got to read to get a sample from inside the "Shower":

So check it out, you will love it, all the three parts of it, the "ideas", the "Solutions", and the "Blog".

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Web Monkey

As I promised, more resources for web development!

Check out

I must say, the first thing you'll like, are the cool articles you'll find on the home page.
The site is full of practical resources.

Pay it a visit and enjoy :)

Web Development is the Future

The future and the present!
Many of you will agree that web development is becoming more powerful than application development.
Check out

The domain says it all, it includes how to guides, case studies, trouble shooting, you name it!

Enjoy it, and I promise I'll add some more web development resources, it's so cool!

Monday, May 3, 2010

A soft introduction to C sharp

I'm not going to speak much about this site,  is  simply a beginners introduction to C# ( C sharp programming language).

Best suited for beginners in particular.

It's simple and straight forward, and again, more language-specific resources :)

A Brighter Future for the Web!

Wanna know what this is all about? Well it's about the new Firefox OS (operating system) for mobiles! Mozilla is introducing it thi...