Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Learn PLC

well engineers will be mostly interested in this.

PLCs (or Programmable Logic Controllers) are widely used in factories, and the industrial sector.
These babies control the way the industrial process goes, they can open a valve when a button is pushed some where, they can start cooling when there is over heat, almost any thing if they were well programmed.

Even though there are more advanced versions of these PLC's such as PAC (Programmable Automation Controllers), PLC's are still somehow dominant in the industrial market.  is a web site aiming to teach people even without proper background how PLC's work.

It also provides tutorials (with animation sometimes).


It is rather a good resource for starters anyway.

Check it out, hope it is of use to you :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Website Tips

The name says it all : is a cute resource for web designers.

The website keeps repeating the words "Tutorials and tips" on most of its pages.

The website contains recommendations for books and saoftware downloads.
It also contains web resources for web design.

It's a relatively rich site for web designing information.

hope you like it :)

Monday, December 21, 2009

C/C++ For Beginners

If you are a newby to C/C++ programming, or you're just interested in starting to learn these programming languages, then this is the place to start.

It begins with a FAQ like page discussing the learning process and goals, along with some explanation of the basics.

This site also helps you to find editors to write your programs, recommends related books, and a lot of helpful information.

No need to say more, check it out and enjoy learning :)

Welcome to Tech Street

That's right, Tech Street not Wall street.

Before I say any thing about this site, I must tell you that it is not a free resource, it charges you for its information.

Tech street is a resource for Industry codes and standards, you can dig for standards issued by IEEE for example.

Mainly, people working in the industrial sector or researchers working on manufacturing a certain product, and need to produce it according to certain standards, will benefit from such a site.

It also contains tools to manage the information you might need for such purposes.

Start by downloading free previews, techstreet fact sheet, or any thing you might find free :)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Attention Electronics Engineers!

If you are and electronics engineer, or an electronics engineering student, then this site is a must for you!

TechOnLine is website made by a group of leading companies in the industry.
It contains a wealth of information regarding a wide range of subjects, and sectors of electronics engineering.
Some information presented in webcasts, white papers...etc.

I highly recommend it for anyone concerned in the electronics world :)

Friday, December 18, 2009

Sugar Engineering

is there such a thing?? a sugar engineer?

Well according to  there is!

this web site is dedicated to all engineers working in the sugar industry.

It contains a lot of links for industry resources too.

Check it out, you can subscribe and receive notifications for site updates.

Enjoy :)

Control Automation INSTRUMENTATION

Through my career as am instrument engineer, I was always looking for instrumentation knowledge bases on the web.

What makes instrumentation attractive is that it combines multiple technical fields, programming, telecom, sensors, electronics...etc.

One of the major sites was

It contains a lot of useful information and links along with tasty PDF's to download for free.

One thing I noticed was that the update for this site is not so frequent, yet it still contains a lot of useful information.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Get your hardware upgrade!

Well the name looks misleading. is not a guide for you to upgrade your old PC, yet it is a unique site that brings you news of the computer industry world categorized by computer parts (including software).

Want to know what's the latest technology in the CPU's world, or the latest AMD (or any microprocessor manufacturer) company news.

A mix of both is found on this site, it's fun, with funny news sometimes. So check it out and Enjoy!

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