Saturday, February 13, 2010

Develop, Discover, and Design

An attractive motto indeed.

When I first landed at I thought it was all about Microsoft's .net technologies (seeing that ".net" logo on the top of their home page).
But as I navigated through, it turned out to be a website for a hard copy sold magazine and a wonderful resource for web design and development.

The home page will show you the latest additions to the website, but if you click on the "Develop" tab, you'll see a group of articles showing you how things are made, and I'm not talking about beginners tutorials.

The articles are categorized according to the subject.
for example, if the article is about iPhone applications, you'll see a "/Mobile/" tag at the article's header.

The "Discover" tab, is more about telling you about what is around.
What would the new apple iPad will mean to you as a web designer?
You will see the articles tagged as in the "Design" section that contains tutorials, and different other articles.

If you are a web designer or developer, I'm sure you'll enjoy

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