Saturday, October 8, 2011

Useful Google tips and tricks

This was published on the Google fan page on Facebook.
It reminds me with the old "Google Cheat Sheet", where certain words, if mentioned in the search box, can bring you targeted results.
These words were listed in the cheat sheet.
I remember, for example, the inurl word, if you enter inurl:techfountains it will list the websites/pages that have techfountains in their URL. (try it out).

Now through the following link:

which I want to share with you real quick, there are some additional features, tips tricks ...etc. that are listed in a simple, animated way.
Check it out, click around and explore how useful the Google search can get :-)

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Ultimate Corona SDK Resouce

Ever heard of the Corona SDK?
Well I came across it after reading an article on the mobiletuts+ 

Previously, whenever I read about people (especially young 14 year olds) creating iPhone Apps, those people keep saying that it took them like two weeks to learn how to create an iPhone app, and that it takes them a few days to create the app, and if they needed to add a stage to a game that they made for the iPhone, it will only take them a weekend!

I got intrigued, and decided to use my Apple hardware (including a Mac and two iPhones) to start creating my own apps.

The obvious way was to use Apple's XCode.
But as I went down that road, it became kind of obvious that it will take me monthes to learn how to write an app, and it will take a much longer time to build an application!

I felt both jealous and frustrated! how can 14 year olds do it in a few days, and an electronics engineer like my self can not!

So I kept digging for resources, and when I came across the Corona SDK, it all became clear to me!

Using the Corona SDK you can build an application for iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad) and for Android at the same time in a matter of days!

You build your apps using a scripting language called Lua (which is a scripting language that is much easier to learn and use than Apple's Objective C).

I was shocked to know that some of the top selling applications for iPhone and Android were built using the Corona SDK!

Take for example the famous Fruit Ninja game, it was actually a template on the Corona SDK site, and it only took Half Brick studios 14 hours to build it!!

I can tell you, this SDK made me so obsessed with building my own applications!

Now, even though the Corona SDK is easy to learn, you still need a reliable source of tutorials and documents to take your hand through the learning process.

No place is better than 

( UPDATE [13-JAN-2013]:
 The owner of, Peach Pellen, left Corona Labs, and thus she removed all the Corona SDK tutorials. She is not providing any support to Corona users.
So For now, we recommend , as an alternative, till we right some more reviews).

It is even recommended by the Corona SDK people!
The web site is run by an Australian lady who goes by the name "Peach Pellen".

She has an amazing tutorial for newbies, that helped me real good to get into the game! a well prepared introduction indeed.

She also has a number of other useful tutorials for basic and advanced topics of the Corona SDK.
And she is even offering her services as a private tutor! is a must if you want to start learning Lua, and the Corona SDK.
I urge you to Check it out!

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Monday, October 3, 2011


Ok, if you are a web or graphic designer, then DesignModo is a must  for you!

Even if you're new to the design world, DesignModo can help you a lot with learning what you need.

From tutorials, to random tips, to free stuff, and even free samples and examples, the chances are, you will spend more time on DesignModo than on any other site teaching graphics and design.

I will not say any more. visit DesignModo and explore it for your self, it's so easy to navigate.

You can also visit their facebook page :
or follow them up on twitter :

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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mobile Development Tutorials

This is an amazing resource for you if you are, or planning to be, a mobile apps developer.

I've been following it on facebook and twitter, and I not only found extremely useful tutorials, but I also got acquainted with new platforms and technologies that made developing mobile apps for me much easier!

I am on my way to adding "Mobile App Developer"  to my range of business, and without doubt, visiting is a daily habit for me.

One last thing to mention; is part of the tutsplus network (I think this is short for "tutorials plus").

It is a network of eleven websites covering a wide range of popular technical subjects.
So pay them a visit, I'm sure you'll find some useful information for you.

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