Friday, November 25, 2011

HTML Goodies

This is probably one of the oldest sites on the web that is still live online.
HTML Goodies started on 1992 (I remember I first logged in online in 1997!)

At that time, the internet was just in its beginning, and HTML Goodies wanted to teach people HTML and how to build websites.

Despite the simplicity of the web site and its subject, HTML Goodies has evolved to include subjects beyond HTML.

It now includes subjects such as CSS, ASP, JavaScript, you name it!
Any thing that is connected to web building, and it is mostly targeted towards beginners.

So pay it a visit ( ), and start with the "getting started" link on the left block of the web site. (this is where the index of the tutorials is).

Or you can go to the "New to HTML Goodies" button on the top.
Hope it will benefit you.

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