Saturday, November 12, 2011

Infinite USB memory

Sounds like a dream?

Let's say that you are a Torrent maniac, you just can't stop downloading all these movies, songs, TV shows etc.
You end up with Giga, if not Tera, bytes of data that you just don't know where to store!

You might try burning DVD's, but then you shall have to buy special furniture to keep stored and unscratched.
You might buy multiple external hard drives, and fill them up one by one.

Sounds crazy? or may be it sounds like a bad dream?

Actually, this is a reality that I witness with many of my friends.
So what to do?

one of my favorite TV shows introduced an interesting gadget, the "infinite USB memory".

Looks much like a USB flash memory stick, but actually doesn't have any memory on it.
It has a full computer hardware (it has its own CPU, RAM, WiFi..etc.).

What you do with it is first pair it with your laptop (a one time set up procedure), then plug it into your DVD player, TV, or just any device that has a USB port.

The infinite USB memory then uses every storage device that can be accessed from your lap top as its storage capacity (this includes your laptop's hard drive, external hard disks, or any other computer or server that can be accessed by your computer).

You can of course control the capacity, and the files that want to share with this memory.

To learn more, you can check infinitech (the company who invented this product) website:

or jump to the "how it works" section:

or check out this video where infinitech's CEO explains a lot about this product (the hosts starts by speaking a little arabic, but then they have the interview done in english):

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