Friday, November 25, 2011

The Site Wizard

Remember one the first sites that I reviewed was W3SCHOOLS.COM (check out the following post: )
I called it web building for beginners.

W3SCHOOLS is still is a very good place to start learning how to build websites.
Yet, you might just need more than that.
To explain what I mean check out:

Here, not only do you start learning how to build a website, you also learn how to choose a domain, register it, find a host, publish your website on a host, and even how to make revenue from your website.

I came across The Site Wizard when I was searching for a tutorial for Dreamweaver (a powerful web design software from Adobe).

They are flooded with tutorials, and as they say, these articles and tutorials that they have are intended  for "people just starting out as webmasters".

So I guess this site is a step up from W3SCHOOLS.
Check it out, and don't get fooled by their old style interface and lack of animation or graphics.
After all, as someone seeking knowledge, it is the content that matters :-)

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